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PD Analytics LLC is an education research company that specializes in helping K-12 schools to maximize their professional development spending. This is accomplished through data collection and qualitative and quantitative data analysis under the direction of a qualified research scientist.

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Chuck Poer

Chuck Poer
Quality Assurance Specialist


Patrick Scoggin
Functional Analyst


Ross Arroyo
Head of Software Developement

Proof of Performance Plus (PoP+)

Our unique online PD data collection tool, Proof of Performance Plus (PoP+), is secure and easy to use. PoP+ was designed by PD professionals, for PD professionals working in K-12 schools. PoP+ automated dashboards and reporting provides data and transparency around the quantity and quality of professional development and coaching services.


  • Identify individual needs for professional learning
  • Collaborate in professional learning conversations
  • Monitor improvements using teacher professional growth rubrics
  • Evaluate the quality of internal and external coaching and professional development
  • Access professional development contact points for CEU’s


  • Reflect on teacher support needs using teacher professional growth rubrics
  • Manage internal and external coaching and professional development
  • Aggregate timely feedback on the quantity and quality of professional development
  • Determine the impact of professional development spending
  • Aggregate information needed to apply for teacher CEU’s

School Board Members

  • Have an awareness of professional development spending
  • Monitor impact of professional development investments


  • Determine teacher support needs using teacher and administrative input
  • Analyze student achievement for teachers in one easy to read format
  • Align work to professional growth standards for teachers
  • Receive timely feedback on the quantity and quality of coaching and professional development services provided
  • Monitor and adjust coaching focus based on teacher needs and student achievement

Professional Development


PD Analytics offers a wide range of education services. Our services include Needs Assessments, Proof of Performance Plus (PoP+) Teacher Coaching, and Data Coaching.

Your next steps with PD Analytics would be to request a proposal that will address your specific needs by contacting us through our website below or emailing us directly at info@pdanalytics.net.


PoP+ is host to a growing PD data base supervised by a Research Scientist and a team of education professionals. Professional development data within PoP+ serves as a resource to research ways to improve achievement for kids, and to ensure high levels of competency in the areas identified in the work of renowned researchers Timperley, Wilson, Barrar, and Fung (2007).

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